Working Philosophy


To join hands to create better tomorrow by translating clients’ vision in to reality.


To be at the forefront in Civil Engineering and be an Independent consultant providing leading edge technology and value for Infrastructure Development.


Honest efforts to provide clients a professional service of uniform high quality providing imaginative and responsible approach to Engineering problems.

I strongly believe of being responsible to provide the clients with the most appropriate solution to problems encountered in Design and Construction of the Project. To always be responsive to the needs of the client without being unresponsive to genuine difficulties of contractors and sub-contractors of the projects. Endeavour myself to provide immediate, thoughtful and technically correct response to all problems, which may arise during execution of the project.

To dedicate myself to the concept of individual liberty inside the framework of an overall professional ethic. Respect the rights of individuals and believe that individuals working for the company will retain control over their own destiny. Endorse and demand adherence to the higher standards of ethical conduct as promulgated by the professional societies in our field.


  • Innovative and Integrated approach in choice of concept
  • Great emphasis on selection of the most appropriate alternative for the particular project.
  • Optimization Frugal Designs with no wastage.
  • Continuous review of design.
  • Value for money approach.
  • Complete Engineering Details in the design phase to significantly reduce or eliminate problems during construction phase.
  • Works hand in hand with other members of the design team developing an efficient coordination system to achieve the best possible and most appropriate concepts for the project.
  • Patterning with all relevant stakeholders to explore working synergies

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