Associated with professionally most Competent and efficient Associates with domestic and international exposure matching with said working philosophy for following tasks:

  1. Engineering Survey Works such as Topographical or Detailed survey with the help of latest most sophisticated equipment. Detailed site investigation such as preparation of site inventory to help designer to prepare the design in most efficient way.
  2. Architects to undertake any type of challenging work.
  3. Soil investigations.
  4. All types of Foundations and Structural Designs and Proof Checking of Bridges, Flyovers and any other Infrastructure elements.
  5. Layout / Design of Highways, Railways and all other type of Roads for Industrial/Residential Township.
  6. Traffic Management and Design.
  7. Design of Horizontal and vertical traffic (for lifts and escalators) transportation planning with the help of 3 D simulation and modelling duly modified considering regional environment.
  8. Total evacuation planning for any type of public buildings with the help of 3D Simulation and Modeling for persons and vehicles.

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